My Marketing Plan



The first part of my real estate marketing plan includes communicating with you, the Seller, and ensuring you have a solid understanding of key elements to a successful sale. Once that's done we can move on to preparing your home for sale, pricing, and then exposing your property to the market.


Elements that effect  a successful Sale

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  • The appeal of your property
  • The right listing price
  •  Maximum exposure
  •  Market conditions


Factors we control

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  • Condition of your property    
  • Marketing strategy
  • Price
  • Flexibility  to allow access to potential  Buyers
  • Cooperation with Buyers and REALTORS ®


Factors we don't control

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Market conditions are local and fluctuating. I will advise you of all market conditions, existing or that arise, which may affect the sale of your property including, competition from other local listings.


Preparing your home for sale


Once we have signed a listing agreement for your property we will come up with a plan to best show your home for the fastest sale at the best price possible. A property receives the most exposure during the first three to five weeks after it is listed, and this is the period of best opportunity for selling your home so you want those first impressions to be good ones!


De-cluttering and Staging

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Which one would you buy?

Homes that appear spacious, neutral and well cared for will sell faster and for more money. Excessive personal items like furniture, knickknacks, toys, photos, electronics and collectibles will make it difficult for buyers to see past your personal style and may deter a sale.

It's important to note that the curb appeal of your home is very important. That is where first impressions are made, and often the decision to consider your home happens before the Buyer walks in the door.


Pricing, its all about the...


With a Comparative Market Analysis I analyse recent sales, listings and expired listings of similar properties in your area. Combining this market research with a timing analysis is the best method to decide on a price that will sell your home in top speed and for top dollar!

Everyone wants the most money they can get for the sale of their home, however here are some of the dangers in overpricing;

  • REALTORS ® may only show your property as a comparable to sell other  better priced properties
  • You risk losing serious Buyers who might have viewed your property in the critical first three weeks of marketing
  • Fewer REALTORS ® will show your property.
  • You may find yourself chasing the market down and potentially lose tens of thousands of dollars.


Marketing tools

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  • Beautiful full color professional photographs will be taken photos of your home
  • The best photos are selected and posted immediately to your MLS listing
  • An enticing write up will be written for the comments in all marketing materials that will be designed to highlight selling features of your home and attract potential Buyers
  • Professionally measured and drawn floor plans will be made for your home
  • A ‘Just Listed flier’ will be mailed within your neighborhood (neighbors tell friends) and to other areas where there may be Buyers for your home.
  • A 2-4 page full color feature sheet will be made to give to prospective buyers, with photos and information highlighting selling features or your home and neighborhood
  • A  white professional signpost featuring a “for sale’ sign will be installed on your property in a highly visible place
  • Me!! I am friendly, professional, courteous and timely. Cooperating with realtors and buyers, creates positive relationships and encourages them to want to work with me. I actively showcase your home and its features during showings and always follow up


Exposing your property to the largest Realtor ® base possible

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  •  Your listing is sent as a ‘new listing’ to other REALTORS ® with in Sutton West Coast’s 21 offices
  •  Your listing is sent to my data base of REALTORS ® I have done business with
  •  Your listing will come up on Realtor daily 'hotsheets'
  •  I host ‘Agents Open's ’ and  always offer snacks to encourage hungry REALTORS ® to come view my listings.


Exposing your property to the largest  Buyer base possible

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  • Your listing will be posted to MLS,, craigslist, Youtube, my website, and the Sutton West Coast web site.
  • Your listing will be posted to social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.
    Open Houses will be posted to the MLS, and social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.
  • Your listings are sent to my data base of clients
  • A ‘Just Listed flier’ will be mailed within your neighborhood (neighbors tell friends) and to other areas where there may be Buyers for your home. 
  • I place a 'For Sale' sign out front of your home, and host Open Houses
  • I always respond quickly to showing requests and, working with your schedule, allow for as many showings as possible


Showing your home

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We have a common goal, and that is to sell your home. I will always give 100% and make every effort to personally be the one to show your home to prospective Buyers and Agents.  I never use a lock box, and before showings I arrive early to turn lights on and ensure that things are tidy, flowers are fresh and that your home is ready to be shown and sold!  During showings I engage with the Buyer and make sure to highlight the features of your home and the benefits of the community it is located in.                   


After showings

follow up



I make it a point of always following up with REALTORS ® and Buyers after showings and then pass on the feed back to you. If price changes or other changes are made, I will call back REALTORS ® and Buyers who have viewed your home to let them know of the changes. When an offer comes in I call everyone who has shown interest in your home to try generating multiple offers. Unfortunately not every offer has subjects removed, so I continue to market homes with showings and open houses until all subjects are removed.


Listening to Your Market



The opinions of other REALTORS ® and Buyers, are important as they will be the ones showing or letting others know about your property. When showing your home I ask for opinions and will pass on all feedback to you that could aid in the sale of your home. 14-21 days after listing your home we will review your needs and the feedback together then decide if pricing needs to be adjusted, or if there are other strategic factors that need to be looked at. Remember a property receives its best exposure during the first three to five weeks after it is listed, and this is the period of best opportunity for selling your home.